What is Project Shift?

This project is meant to revive and, in some form, update many therianthropy resource texts that have been lost due to the shutting down and other loss of sites which contained them. These are mainly focused on “newbie” materials—those directed at informing people new to the online therianthropy community, or new to the concept or just terminology of therianthropy about those things—or as they are sometimes called “Therianthropy 101” texts, but some other types of therianthropy-related information are part of Project Shift as well. So we encourage a variety of people to read the material here.

With the online therian community being dependent on its members in order to supply material and information, when an informational site is shut down, or a person who wrote educational texts about therianthropy (and its related subjects) leaves the community, those texts are often times taken with that person, or the texts are otherwise lost from being viewed when the information sites shut down. This is a normal trend, but the problem that has arisen in the past two or three years for the community is that little to no sufficiently good resources and texts have been produced and displayed about therianthropy topics (beyond personal therianthropy and forum discussions) in order to fill that niche of those ones that were being lost from online viewing. Thus there are some members of the therian community who have taken note of this and decided to contribute some of their time and effort into replacing as well as updating this information that has been lost from more practical public access (so as not to be so limited to forum threads and a large scattering of sites with bits and pieces of moderate information and Therian 101 material).

We want to help increase the amount of people who come across therianthropy online and look for basic to moderate information about it without them having to weigh down therianthropy boards in as many questions and threads of redundancy of the same Therian 101 and other similar types of material. There have also been numerous changes and developments in the ideas, acceptance, common views, and so forth found in larger therianthropy sites and their members as compared to a few years ago and back, and thus some materials needed to be re-written as updates to reflect these changes. We understand the importance of having such informational resources as what we are striving to compose with Project Shift, and we want to aid in the better communication of various information about therianthropy to new people whether they are therian or not, as well as other members of the therian community.

Acknowledgment & Thank You
Many people make Project Shift possible, contributing time to write articles, share ideas, and further develop the site. Below is a list of everyone who has supported Project Shift, writing and donating articles, programming, and contributing ideas for the site’s improvement.

Sonne, Strill, Bewylderbeast, Aethyriek, Corvus Corone, Meirya, Liesk, Elinox, Paleo, Savage, Nomad, Spectre, Cheetah, RedFeather, Earth Listener, Aquasarius, Swanblood, Kai, Ragdoll Therian, and many others.